Air Compressor Common Faults and Maintenance

1. Loss of power failure: air compressor power supply/control power loss. Processing method: check whether the power supply and control power supply are electric.

2. Motor temperature: motor start too often, overload, motor cooling is not sufficient, motor itself or bearing problems, sensors, etc.. Treatment: limit the number of motor starts, reduce the loading set pressure.

3. Compressor temperature: The temperature of the oil and gas mixture at the outlet of the air compressor reaches 120℃. Treatment: keep the air compressor well ventilated, check the radiator is not covered by debris, radiator heat dissipation is good, check the oil level of the air compressor, cooling fan, temperature sensor.

4. Low starting temperature: The temperature displayed on the air compressor panel is lower than 1℃.

5. Pressure is too high: air compressor outlet pressure to 15bar trip. Treatment: check whether the loading set pressure is too high, pressure sensor, etc., contact maintenance to check the pressure regulating valve and load reducing valve.

6. Pressure sensor: air compressor pipeline pressure, temperature and sensor wiring problems. Treatment: contact maintenance or manufacturers.

7. Motor steering error: motor wiring error or motor startup star / delta can not be switched properly, the compressor body on the steering signal sensor failure caused by the compressor reported motor steering error. Treatment: contact maintenance to check whether the motor phase sequence wiring is correct.

8. Maintenance period expires: the air compressor maintenance time expires and exceeds 100 hours. Treatment: Contact the maintenance of the air compressor maintenance, maintenance is completed by the operator to reset the maintenance time.

9. Solenoid valve failure: solenoid valve loose or lead connector loose, disconnected. Treatment: Contact maintenance to deal with.

10. Cooling system failure: air compressor cooling fan does not rotate or one does not rotate, fan deformation, fan relay aging failure, loose wiring. Treatment: contact maintenance to check whether the motor and motor wiring is intact.

11. Belt failure: air compressor drive motor and compressor connecting belt damage. Treatment: contact maintenance for belt.

12. Low oil pressure: air compressor oil is not enough, oil leakage phenomenon of oil pipeline oil, oil pump inlet screen plug, oil pressure adjustment (overpressure valve), oil pressure adjustment spring jamming pressure relief does not reset. Treatment: the air compressor oil level will be supplemented to the normal position, contact the maintenance processing.

13. External failure: air compressor electrical protection circuit wiring or thermal control monitoring circuit problems. Treatment: Contact maintenance.

14. The air compressor system bus pressure is low: air filter plug, air compressor air inlet pipe leakage bad, air compressor air inlet solenoid valve failure can not be normal switch, the system and pipeline air leakage, equipment air consumption increases, dryer pipeline blockage.

15. Frequent loading and unloading of air compressor: Improper adjustment of load pressure and unloading pressure of air compressor.

16. Air compressor oil leakage: air compressor tank into the body, back to the oil pipeline connection parts are not strict, air compressor oil storage tank oil is too much, back to the oil pipe blockage, oil separation core damage, bad oil seal.

Post time: Sep-25-2023