Company Profile

Airmake (Yancheng) Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.: A Force to Reckon with Since 2000

Established in the year 2000, Airmake (Yancheng) Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully carved a niche for itself in the industry by offering high-quality machinery and electrical equipment. With a commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and technological advancement, Airmake has become a recognized name in the market, delivering exceptional products and services to clients worldwide.

Airmake's Beginnings

Airmake (Yancheng) Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in the vibrant city of Yancheng in China, combining expertise in machinery and electrical equipment to cater to diverse industrial requirements. With a well-established infrastructure and a team of skilled professionals, the company has been serving a broad customer base, ranging from small businesses to large corporations.


Over the years, Airmake has expanded its product portfolio to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. They specialize in the manufacturing and exporting of air compressors, generators, motors, pumps, and various other mechanical and electrical equipment. The company's commitment to using cutting-edge technology and premium materials ensures that their products meet international standards of quality, efficiency, and durability.

Quality Assurance

Airmake takes great pride in its commitment to quality, backed by a comprehensive quality control system. To ensure the highest standards, the company adheres to strict quality assurance protocols at every manufacturing stage, from product design and material selection to production and testing. Airmake's focus on quality has earned them a reputation for reliability and performance, making them a preferred choice among customers.

Global Reach and Customer Satisfaction

With years of experience in the industry, Airmake has built a strong global presence, exporting its products to numerous countries worldwide. Airmake's products are widely acclaimed for their superior quality and competitive pricing, ensuring customer satisfaction across different markets. By providing efficient distribution channels and excellent after-sales services, Airmake remains dedicated to maximizing customer value.

Research and Development

Airmake recognizes the importance of continuous innovation and invests heavily in research and development.

The company has a dedicated team of engineers and technicians who constantly strive to improve existing products and develop new solutions.

This commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements enables Airmake to offer state-of-the-art equipment that meets the evolving needs of industries around the globe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Airmake upholds its responsibilities as a socially conscious organization.

The company is committed to sustainable growth and strives to minimize its ecological footprint by implementing environmentally friendly practices throughout its operations.

Airmake also actively supports community initiatives and participates in philanthropic activities, aiming to make a positive impact on society.


Airmake (Yancheng) Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a dynamic company dedicated to providing top-quality machinery and electrical equipment to businesses, both domestically and internationally. With a firm commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Airmake has established itself as a reliable and respected brand in the industry. As they continue on their journey of growth and excellence, Airmake remains poised to exceed customer expectations by delivering cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.